Adhyātma Movements: Śrīmad Rājacandra and Kānjī Svāmī on Oct 2 2023

Corinna May Lhoir PhD student Universität Hamburg
Corinna Lhoir, M.A., is a PhD student of classical Indology and a contract lecturer for Beginner’s Sanskrit and Origins of Yoga at Universität Hamburg as well as an entrepreneur with her own online learning platform with focus on studies of yoga and Sanskrit ( She holds a B.A. in Languages and Cultures of India and Tibet with focus on classical Indology from Universität Hamburg, a M.A. in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS, University of London, and a M.A. in Oriental Languages and Cultures (India) with a focus on Jainism from Ghent University in Belgium. Her research primarily focuses on yoga in Jainism. She is currently preparing a critical edition of the Yogapradīpa, a Jain medieval text on yoga and meditation.
Heleen De Jonckheere SOAS
Heleen De Jonckheere is a scholar of Jain literature and Jain history. Her current research focuses on the conceptualisation and practice of translation and adaptation in the Jain context and in South Asia in general, and on the religious implications of translation. Her further interests include Jain narrative literature, Jain manuscript culture, religious plurality in historical India as well as the interactions of popular forms of religiosity with more established forms of religion. She received a PhD from Ghent University in December 2020 and continued her work at the University of Chicago and the University of Toronto. At present, Heleen is appointed as lecturer in South Asian Religions at SOAS, University of London.
Corinne Smith SOAS
Corinne is a PhD researcher in the Dept. of History, Religions & Philosophies at SOAS, University of London. During her BA and MA degrees in South Asian Religions, Corinne developed a special focus on Jainism. She is currently writing a thesis upon the life and teachings of the Digambara Jain leader, Kānjī Svāmī (1889-1980), under the academic supervision of Prof. Peter Flügel. She is collaborating with Chouette Films on a film about Kānjī Svāmī and she co-curated the 2023 exhibition 'Pure Soul: The Jaina Spiritual Traditions', held at the Brunei Gallery (SOAS), London.